the isms of a Cretan poet

For me  –

Love without elevens

Is an eye without it’s blink.

I think it absurd


A wordless sentence

Or a feather without it’s bird

That can only fly

If the wind instructs.

Rather –

It must create music

Without instrument

Inspire breath

To melody and tune

In tune with the knowledge

That the world is sugar to the right lips.

So taste!

See beyond sight!

Over exposed

And magnificent!

With a third eye

Tireless and inspired

To entice ocean’s sands to spice.

Believe with me

That our shackles

Are as irrelevant

As honey to fish.

Replenish me

Like you are water’s wet.



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  1. May 30, 2013

    So… this is an oldie (that many of you would have heard me recite after a few vinos over the years!) It is about ‘ultimate love’. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to post it and can think of none better than to dedicate it to my brother and new sister for their engagement! I wish you both love with elevens always x

  2. Coralie Astrinakis #
    May 30, 2013

    Only special people feel the power of eleven!!

    Sent from my iPad

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